Lotus Moon“When I say be creative, I don’t mean that you should all go and become great painters and great poets.  I simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem.” -Osho

As adults we are continually finding ourselves and seeking out truth. We are always in the process of finding balance and seeking to shake things up.  We want to deepen our relationships to ourselves and to others and grow in our vocations.  Creative Courage Art facilitates this process fully customized workshops for your creative mind and soul.  To give you a flavor for the possibilities, here are a few of the workshops we have implemented and continue to offer:

Magical Mandalas: Mandalas are doorways into our inner worlds!  Come learn about the Jungian approach to engaging in this Zen process as well as an overview of how cultures around the world throughout history have created mandalas.  Then, experience it for yourself as you are guided into a space where your unconscious takes over and you create meaningful artwork full of symbols that can teach you more about yourself!  Mandala making is great tool to help you to feel centered in the chaos of life and help you grow as a human being.

2015-05-08 11.05.58Drawing from Nature:  Come experience why Master Artists through the ages have drawn and painted in nature through this outdoor workshop held at a forest preserve near you! Whether you know nothing about art or have some experience, this workshop is for anyone who seeks to open his/her senses to the inspiration and teachings nature is always sharing with those who seek it.  Additionally, you will learn how to frame a composition and begin to capture the gorgeous light and color that you see.

Containing Me:  Using timed stream-of-consciousness writing activities, participants will look deeper at themselves and the world.  The writing that emerges will be used as inspiration for self-portrait drawing taught with techniques that lead to success for artists and non-artists alike!  An important aspect of this workshop is not only finding new ways of expression, but sharing what is discovered with fellow participants in creative ways that lead to new connections and community building.

IMAG225625Tunnel Bookmaking: You have an amazing story in you and telling our stories helps to build a better world!  Come discover a story-writing process that will open up your imagination and connect you to the flow of your own creativity to produce a meaningful work of art.  The story you create will then be turned into a tunnel book with a three-dimensional result!  The final portion of the workshop is reserved for sharing these stories and the lessons that are learned with fellow participants.

Dream Drawing:  Let’s look at the symbolism of our dreams and bring them to life!  Dreams are a connection to the wild wisdom within each of us just waiting to be tapped into.  In this class, you will learn how to capture the images of your dreams inspired by the work of various artists and tribal art.  You will be inspired by Carl Jung as you are guided through various exercises and questions to look deeper at what your dream is showing you.  Then, during the second half of the class, you will create work to see where that dream might take you next in your life!

Tribal Yarn Painting: The Huichol Tribe in Mexico is known for its vivid yarn paintings.  These works of art are dream-like visions that tell stories, honor traditions, seek new paths forward, impart wisdom and guide the artists and viewers to a spiritual dimension.  This workshop will introduce you to Huichol myths and symbols and lead you through the process of creating your own visual mythic story.  You will learn how to “paint” with yarn and experience how this meditative, soulful process guides you deep into your magical inner world!

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