2015-05-18 11.50.00“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.” 
- Brandon Sanderson

Creative Courage Art creates art workshops that incorporate stories and storytelling for libraries.  We can work with any theme or story.  Here are a few that we have done for different age groups:

Fairy Tale Fun (pre-k and kindergarten)
Did you know that Frozen was based off of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen and that Tangled was based off of the German folktale, Rapunzel? Children will learn fun fairy tale facts, hear fantastic fairy tales and play with a variety of art materials to create fairy tale lands of their own!

Animal Antics (elementary school)
Children will hear stories about animals that find themselves in silly situations and have important lessons to share. Then these young artists will make animal art projects with a variety of art materials inspired by those tales such as masks, puppets and papier mache sculptures!

Manga Me (middle school)
Manga are Japanese comics. The style is recognizable from the character’s large eyes, flat faces, big hair and fashionable attire. Students will be inspired by Manga books to create themselves as the main Manga character in their own story.

Selfies (high school)
Selfies are nothing new! They’ve been called autobiographies in books and self-portraits in art. Learn about famous visual artists, like Diego Rivera and Vincent Van Gogh, with fascinating facts from their autobiographies and then create your own self-portrait depicting your own intriguing life!

Mandala Magic (adults)
Mandalas have been a part of traditions around the world throughout history! Why? Because artists and non-artists alike can create them and, in the process, feel a calming sense of peace. Come experience it for yourself and learn a practice that you can do whenever you need to melt stress away!

Passing It On Through Story (senior citizens)
In tribal traditions, the elders told stories to the young as way teaching vital lessons and passing on the significance of traditions. Hear some of these stories, identify traditions and lessons that have been important to you and draw them into your own story to pass on to younger generations.