Private Art Lessons

2015-06-22 14.55.10“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and HAVING FUN!”  - Mary Lou Cook

Have you always wanted to channel your inner artist?  Do you have a child whose artistic talent needs nurturing?  These one-on-one art lessons are created around each individuals needs, skills, talents and vision.  Expand artistic techniques in painting, drawing, sculpting, graphic design, cartooning and/or mixed media work while engaging in the adventure of learning more about yourself and the world!  

Did you know that art develops the WHOLE BRAIN and facilitates EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE?  Young people engaged in the arts have been shown to have HIGHER TEST SCORES.  Art develops the ability to INNOVATE and IMAGINE NEW PATHS.  Art helps people of all ages COPE WITH STRESS , ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION and it has been shown to IMPROVE PHYSICAL HEALTH as well!

2014-10-02 16.13.42The Art Lesson Process:

  • Lessons are a minimum of 60 minutes once a week and cost $50 per hour.
  • The Student will be introduced to new art techniques and spend the majority of the time creating with guidance from the Teacher.
  • The Student will learn about him/herself and grow as a human being while growing as an artist.
  • The Teacher will provide inspiration in the form of artwork from other artists, poetry, stories and songs as a part of lessons which are relevant, fun and meaningful to the student.
  • The Teacher will create fun assignments for the student to engage in during the course of the week.
  • The student will reflect on what has been shared and on his/her artwork.

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