Why Art?

art camp 1Art tells stories through symbolic imagery and is a non-threatening, fun way to explore difficult issues.

Art-making stimulates curiosity and a sense of experimentation.

Looking at and creating art requires self-investigative questions such as:  “What do I imagine?”  “How does it make me feel?”  “What do I want to express?”  ”How do I want to express it?”  

Art helps new concepts and ideas stick.

20130912_180058Art assists participants in imagining actions they should or should not take as they create a new path into the future.

Art provides participants with a symbolic language to express anger, sadness, pain and fear.

Art comes from the heart and teaches empathy.

Art-making builds community and develops leaders as participants create together and engage in a shared experience of growth and learning.

Art results in a tangible object that can serve as a reminder of the experience and the participants’ commitment to integrating the learning.